why are my questions doing this?

i asked a question about a hollow needle and shadowtheheadghog was all like, look it up idk and i said i cant and that its best not to say anything if u dont know and i got and then i logged off and got an alert saying that he replied and that patb also replied but when i went to look their comments werent there. where the comments deleted because of arguing or something cuz after i typed my comment i was like oh great now he will respond back getting mad at me and its going to turn into a big argument….

Answer #1

So…the question is, why were people arguing instead of answering your question? :) It happens…we try to keep it clean as much as possible.

Answer #2

lol thanx it was atually a mixture of both questions like did it get deleted because there was arguing? im just curious cuz i wasnt there to c it and i was wondering y pple argue instead of answering

Answer #3

If the question was removed, it may have been a duplicate. Did you already look to see if it’s in your status update list?

Answer #4


Answer #5

I can answer this, as I was the one responsible - the answer disappeared because the user was disabled.

Answer #6

oh ok lol but patb isnt disabled and his ansewr is gone

Answer #7

That’s because he answered in reply to the other user who was disabled…when the leading post disappeared, his went with it. If it helps any, he was on your side :)

Answer #8

oooh thanx can u plse tell me what was going on i just have to know pls pretty plse with a 55 million cheriies on top???

Answer #9

Nothing really happened after that….basically, patb told sonic that she wasn’t being very helpful and I disabled her shortly after.

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