Question that hunt's me!!!

Well my friend is bulimic and I got worrie because all of a sudden she was coughing out blood and she dont have a cold or anything like that… What’s happen’n? What does that really mean??? I am really worrie!!!:(… What can I do any tips and anwers??? Thanks!!!

Answer #1

She’s probably coughing up blood because whenever she throws up she’s tearing up her osofigus. You should really try to get her medical help! Besides every girl is beautiful, she shouldn’t feel like she needs to throw up because she doesn’t like herself. I’m really sorry!

I hope she get’s better!!

Answer #2

My friend was too. She also started coughing blood and I think that it was from her stomach acid was ripping her throat tissues or wearing it down or something. get her to the hospital right away.

Answer #3

You’ll need to get her to a hospital. Sounds like she has an infected stomach ulcer from all the throwing up. Just go to the doctor.

Answer #4

get her to a hosptal. or get her to eat wiv out throwing up. somin like marmite on bread. somin light.

Answer #5

tell her family and try too get her medical help and some therapy

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