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Question On Love

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I am curious in kniowing my peeps what is your defintion of love? What tells you when a person is in love with you? How do you show that your in love with someone?

Well in regards to myself to these question, I believe love is this monumental feelings that feels all portions of my being that propels me to say or do stuff that I could never even comprehend doing before, motivating me to go completely outside my element and taking a chance, leaving myself completely open for attack but somehow remaining optimistic as I would want to believe that everything is going to be ok. I really think it is really the way a person actions are that shows me if they really are in love with me or not, whether it is verbal, emotional, or physical. This can count for going to the hospital with me if I am feeling very ill or either encouraging me and supporting me in a critical decision I make for the better of the relationship. In addition, the two individuals sacrificing part of themselves in some respect to better their partner and do what they can do in their power to make each day happy for them is very much a testiment of love. In regards to myself I know I would often time send them little notes or gifts via. in person or through mail. ims on my sidekick rapidly although I know some people dont always like all the attention. Thats my feeling on love. Every1 feel free to share your thoughts. Thanks.