Question on breathing.

Is it true that when you run and you’re huffing and puffing, breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth helps?

Answer #1

it is true but sometimes when people run too fast and over stress there selfs by running to long you start, but also if your exited and run you start huffing and puffing

Answer #2

that helps when you’re having a panic attack, slows down the amount of oxygenated air in - AKA yperventilation…

when you run, your body is using massive amounts of oxygen to feed your muscles, you should breath however you need to, normally in mouth and out mouth…you are trying to replace that oxygen, reffered to as ‘oxygen debt’…

no it doesn’t help, in fact, I personally wouldn’t recomend it, let your body gude you if you need lots of oxygen - BREATH!

Answer #3

it should help because thats the right way to breath…

if it does not work you may have asma…

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