Do you have to be a certain weight to get your period?

I heard from somebody you have to weight around 105 pounds to get your period. I am thirteen, very petite, short, skinny, and SMALL boobs. I am like 75 I want to say. Naturally, with staying on the same diet how long would you estimate for me to get around that weight? What age do you think ill get my period?

Answer #1

it’s not a certain weight. it’s more to do with it you’re underweight or under-norised. when you start you periods varies so mcuh from girl to girl. don’t worry.

Answer #2

Im 13 and I started my period when I was 10. I think I weighed like 60 lbs to. So who ever told you you have to weigh 105 lbs is WRONG. Dont worry about it it will come.(even though I dont know why any one would acctually WANT to start their period, I mean its not really all that great sweetheart).

Answer #3

you dont halft to weigh 105 pounds to get your period I’ve seen 9 year olds that weigh around 70 pounds get their period and let me tell you you prabably dont want your period

Answer #4

^ I started mine at 10yr too :) I don’t know what I weighed, but it must have been under 105lb.

Answer #5

you dont have to weigh 105 pounds. not true. if you starve your self it can it can make a menstral cycle irregular. just wait it will come..

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