Question about a cat.

I was wondering what it means when a cat wags his/her tail. My mother said that it means that the cat is annoyed or angry, but when my three and a half month old kitten wags her tail, she’s usually playing or doing something fun. Any ideas?

Answer #1

It means it’s either angry, or just playing around…

Answer #2

It depends on how fast it’s wagging, if it’s just the the tip, or the whole thing…if it’s up and wagging or being held low and wagging…what those tail positions and speeds of the “wave” can vary from annoyed to fearful, curious to happy…there’s books out there that will tell ya.


Answer #3

I have a cat abit older than yours, I got her from a Cats Protection Centre so I don’t know her exact age but I would say she is 1-3 years old. If your kitten is playing, she could be imagining the toy is real. My cat does that when she plays and she wags her tail even if she’s happy. Your mum is right about cats being angry when they wag their tails, but I’d say it wouldn’t really count if they were playing. Hope this helps. :)

Answer #4

Oo, wonderful! Thank you very much! :) I just rescued my kitten, and I’m still trying to figure everything out.. Thanks! :)

Answer #5

I believe that the word is “anxiety”. Be it that the cat is angry…or just ready to pounce on something. The tail will wag both times.

Answer #6

they wag their tail sometimes because their annoyed or angry but they also wag their tail when their happy not just when their cranky.

hope it helped. =)

Answer #7

Depends on the kitty

Answer #8

yeah your cat is playing with you talking of experience in the last couple of years I have had like 11 cats.

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