how do I delete my own questions on here?

how do I delete my own questions on here?

Answer #1

WTF you should make it…

tell this men who made the side to start playing with the PHP code dog!

I could design some things in here nicely done and I think I will for free

Answer #2

The only time Questions or Answers get deleted is if they violate the Terms of Use or if they are posted by someone under 13 years of age. The reason askers can’t simply delete their questions is because it is the Questions that generate traffic to the site through search engines. Therefore users have the ability to mark their Questions and Answers individually, before AND after the fact, as Anonymous which removes them from their profile and places them under the “fau” profile.

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Answer #3

20junior, there’s a reason we don’t allow self-deletion of questions.

It’s not because the programmers here can’t do it.

Answer #4

You can’t hon, sorry. you can mark them anonymous, but can’t delete them. :/

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