What if he leaves you for your best friend?

what do you do when your boyfriend leaves you for your best friend and you still love him

Answer #1

I know it seems hard, but you have to accept that he has moved on. if you truly loved him you would like to know hes happy…let him date who he wishes an find someone else.

Answer #2

Send him and her to hell, and move on…There are so many men out there and there’s no need to be stressing over an idiot like your ex. Their loss, not yours.

Answer #3

Ok, well what you should do is defintely accept the fact that he was probably only using you to either get closer to your best friend, and ALSO. make sure he does not date your best friends because best friends would not do this to one another, anyways, ALSO! just move on.. there are one too many guys out there to be stuck on one, trust me, it may suck now.. but when a guy who is really worth your time arrives… it will be worth the wait.. good luck! :]

Answer #4

I dont know the answer to this, I just wanted to extend my sympathies…

Answer #5

accept it and move on.

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