How can my Mom get rid of some wrinkles?

how can my mum get rid of some of her wrinkels ? shes 45 and don’t want lodz of them when she is 50

Answer #1

try to go to a shoppers drug mart or drug store, or your family doctor. dont go cheap, but dont go overly expensive

they both can help you, find a cream or lotion to help reduce wrinkles. try your

Answer #2

Dear fattythelma, Other than botox, surgery etc. there is no way to get rid of wrinkles. Keeping the area moisturized and pumped up will give the appearance that the wrinkles are gone. There are some good make up that also will fill in the lines making it look smoother. For the most part wrinkles are genetic and a lot of the times you can see what type you will have by looking at your relatives. Drinking water, not smoking and staying out of the sun will help a great deal at keeping them away for as long as genetically possible. Sue…good luck

Answer #3

Well, if you have a lot of extra money, you could use botox which you inject into your face. There’s also a variety of creams and lotions that you can use, but you’d have to research some more since I’m not sure about the types.

These websites have some info on wrinkles:,931.0.html

Answer #4

Yes. Like many of them have a;ready said. You need your mom can get easily get rid of wrinkles through a botox treatment. However, she can also try an anti-wrinkle cream that increases the collagen level of the skin. Collagen is mainly responsible for giving shape and firmness to your skin. Also, there are some exercises which can be done to avoid further wrinkles coming in. I have learnt of these tips from The site is very informative, you can visit it. In case you come across any similar site, pls let me know too!

Answer #5

One thing to be brought into practice is to drink a lot of water because it keeps the skin hydrated so that it does not get any wrinkles. There are surgical, as well as non-surgical ways available to get reduce the wrinkles and fine lines. One of my friends uses Angellift Cosmetics’ Dermastrips Facelifts and it has really worked well for her. Her face wrinkles and fine lines have greatly reduced and are almost invisible. You can try it for your mom, as well. Hope it works.

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