How do I put or sync music from Macbook Pro to my Samsung Reality?

i plug it in but all my phone says is connecting to pc. and it doesnt do anything. hcan i just copy and paste music or what? help me please! just got this phone!

Answer #1

With difficulty, mac makes it so hard for you to sync your music to anything other than apple products, Here is the answer I found on another website

“So you plug in your samsung reality with the usb cord that you get with your phone (its also the charger too but you unplug the usb cord from it) Then something pops up asking what action you want to take. DON’T click take no action. Then a window pops up and there is an icon and underneath it says Internal memory. Click on the internal memory icon and some other icons will show up. Minimize the window and open up itunes. Drag the songs you want on your phone onto your desktop. Then drag the songs from your desktop to the window that you minimized. a small window will pop up saying Copying. click disconnect on your phone then go to menu-my music- and click play!”

Answer #2

Have u read the manual

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