Does anyone know how to put accents while typing?

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What kind of accents are you looking for?

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like when your trying to say touche how do you turn the last e into an e wiht an accent on the keyboard?

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alt + 0233 é

forgot my pasword
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oh thank you! so is there a specific sequence for each accent?

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For each letter, yes. Here's a page with all of them

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You can also use the character map to copy/paste.
Go to Start - All Programs - Accessories - System Tools - Character Map (You can also put a shortcut to it on your desktop)

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Depends where you're typing it.
There's shortcuts, like pressing Alt and another letter at the same time. :)

but if you're typing on microsoft word,
scroll to "insert." then "symbol".
and you can pick from multiple different languages. :)


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