What is the purpose of having a curfew law?

Answer #1

To keep kids out of trouble and in the house at night, where they shud b

Answer #2

At young ages, children/ teens often don’t know all the troubles that they could run into on the streets especially at night when a lot of criminal activity happens. It’s to protect and keep the the children safe and out of trouble from such things. As much as children and teens find they hate it, when you’re older and more mature, you’ll see and understand why they would be implemented.

Answer #3

So the government can have control over your life. Just taking away your freedoms.

Answer #4

It’s suppose to get citizens under the age of 16 or 18 in doors and out of the streets just roaming around looking for trouble. Basically a safety law to keep us out if trouble like jail or seeing the inside of a cop car

Answer #5

to keep me outta trouble

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