puppy problems

see I got 2 puppys but I only managed to get one from under the house that one is tamed and lovable but the one under the house will not come out its in like this tunnel thing under house I care it out with this long pole I tried going up under the house but got bit my uncle said sometimes he will see it playin with the brother please help me help hel help

Answer #1

If you haven’t tried it yet, put wet food at the end of the tunnel and stake it out.

Answer #2

I had a stray who refused to come out from under this large structure when people were around… is he getting food? because if he is, I wouldnt worry too much, eventually he’s going to get too big to fit under there (which is what happened to the dog I had), and he had to stay outside… btw, this dog was the absolute sweetest, most faithful dog, he loved me and wouldnt allow anyone next to me (because I would just sit with him and talk to him…), so dont give up on the dog just yet, the most timid of creatures can make the most amazing pets… and even if they dont trust anyone else they can still love you…

Answer #3

So you still haven’t gotten it out, huh? Have you been putting food under there? If you are putting kibble out for him, run your hands all thru it, so he gets accustomed to your smell…Everyday pull it out a little further…6 inches to a foot closer to the side of the house…just keep working him out of there…Every week that goes by, the harder it will be to build his confidence in humans.


Answer #4

All great advice, have you called anyone like the dog warden or animal control to see if they can help? Sometimes if you call your local FD they can send someone with supplies you don’t neccessarily have. Keep us posted, I’m dying to find out what happens with him.

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