How do you pump gas if there is no electricity?

I’m talking about if there is a massive power outage, for several days or more. I’ve always wondered what they would do.

Answer #1

You have back up generators that provide electricity? Otherwise I guess you could siphon it, not a long term solution.

Answer #2

Well, let’s use the massive power outage of 2003 as a guideline…with no power for a few days, businesses were shut down and people didn’t have far to go, so pumping gas was a minor issue, but a few gas stations were equipped with generators for those who had to fill up.

Answer #3

to answer your question without going around it like generator crap . . . siphon like ty said and just measure it out gallon at a time. then charge price from there. not too hard. things are simple if you make them simple.

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