How do i get rid of puffy nipples?

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im 12 and I have it it is really bothing me and it is in both nipples I went to the doctor and he said it was tostestorone and it was fine. but it hurts and I want to get rid of it is their anything I can do besides the surgery and im not fat at all 100 lbs

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I believe it's a symptom of a condition called Gynecomastia in men.

The suggestion I give is to visit your general doctor and get a blood test, checking for a hormonal imbalance, which could cause that. If your blood comes back OK, really the only thing that can be done is surgery.

Good luck.

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I've had "puffy nipples" for almost 2 years now.(currently 15) I didnt even notice them getting bigger, then BAM, they were there. I think I may have high estrogen levels, because of belly fat on my lower stomach, little facial hair, and...other stuff. Im WAY too embarrassed to tell my parents to take me to the doctor(although im sure they've notice them before, but if I tell them, my a**hole step dad will surely poke fun at me) so I was wondering if there was some kind of excersise or simple diet I could follow while going unnoticed to help reduce, or cure my puffy nipples. And I also read that a "hard disc" under the nipple is most likely Gynecomastia, and I have those under both of my nipples. As stupid as it sounds, my mind went straight to tumors, and I feared male breast cancer. These have been making my life miserable, and I wont even ask girls out because I dont wana get caught with my shirt off, so ANY help would be GREAT

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I have puffy niples as well and I am 17 but mine have ripples and there are white dots that when I squeez like a pimple, the discharge a very small amount of white puss what can I do??? 2 years ago I began experiencing tremendous itch and I could not stop scratching and now I have this!!!

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lol puberty man. you just haved mixed testosterone levels, you're young, some people grow out of it at 16 sometimes younger others 20, and just because you have little facial hair *some people go through different parts of puberty at diff times-some dont start untill 17 or so* and other things *everyones different(:* and yeah...I doubt theres anything wrong with you- like gynocomastia- and a lot of kids your age have puffy nipples- and honestly- most girls really don't care- but if they do, you probably shouldn't be datingthem(:

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dude im 13 I've got puffy nipples not very bad. both of them are puffy but just the left one hurts when I pinch it. everyone says you need to go to the doctors but thats too embarrassing to ask. and surgery costs 4 to 5k so I dont have that much cash. so are there any diet or workouts to do.

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dude. theres really not much you can do. so I've heard. all I've heard is that you have to go to the doctors which is wayyy too embarrassing and then the other option is to get surgery but that costs 4 to 5k so is there anything else you can do to prevent puffy nipples?

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