Public or Private???

Do you prefer kissing in public or private? I prefer kissing in private

Answer #1

Definitely prefer private :)

Answer #2

Well lil kisses in public, lots of them:P and then more passionate makeout kisses in public. But if my man is not embarrased or shy to kiss me in public and more importantly infront of his friends. If hell cuddle and kiss me around them that’s just goes to show that they are proud to call you theirs, which they should b.

Answer #3

People making out in public is like a car crash. Horrible to look at but you can’t take your eyes off of it.

Answer #4

public…If your proud of what you got show it off and let the others know that its yours!

but private is nice too…it can lead to more intimate things!

Answer #5

It really doesn’t matter to me (:

Answer #6

Private- I hate it when I see people making out in the school bugs me.

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