What do PSYCHAITRISTs do? I mean what do they do to their patients?

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A psychiatrist gives a mental evaluation of a patient if needed for insurance purposes, or if considered by the thearapist a good client for medication. The psychiatrist is able to prescribe medications, but never does a psychiatrist counsel the patient.

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a psychaitrist basically councels their patients and looks over there psycological state, they can also diagnose their patients if they feel they need medication. ( bi-polar, A.D.D,) things like that

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Yes, more and more psychiatrists are used soley for medication prescriptions, however, it is not true that they do not do therapy... it is generally more expensive to go to a psychiatrist, but that doesnt mean that people dont go to them for therapy... remember that psychiatrists were the first therapists (freud, etc...?)

In answer to your question, it depends on why the person is there...
Psychiatrists can do pharmacotherapy (give medication) or psychotherapy (this is basically talk therapy, with different techniques used). They cannot do psychological assessments...

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