How do you get the PS2 Slim online?

I just wanted to know what do you need to buy if you have the ps2 slim to get it online? Do you have to buy a network adapter ?

Answer #1

Hi cruser2,

From what I understand, all you need to do is get a Ethernet cable and put it into your router and use the ps2 online starter disk that came with the Ps2.

If you don’t have a router, then you’ll need to get one!

Good luck.

Answer #2

yo can simply attatch a external processor on the back and can be connceted to the system restore point 453

then simply configure the port so that it can run through the main processor

then you wil ahve to download patch off the internet called

slimONli.exe and save it to a disk and run it onto the ps2

Answer #3

how can iget my ps2 slim online with broadband can someon give me the steps to do it. thanx

Answer #4

yes im currently posting on here using my PS2 online

Answer #5

what if you do not have the starter disk

Answer #6

are these answres for the normal ps2s or the ps2 slims?

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