Why am i proud of my self-harm scars?

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Because it shows that you got through it, maybe. I'm the same way.

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Well if you moved through that stage, it's like your battle wounds showing you survived.

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hmmm.im not 100% over self harming.i still have hard days.peoplr find it wierd how i wear shots sleves with no shame

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There was a girl in middle school who used to show off her scars, it was her cry for attention and help.

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I ignore those who question. My true friends know what I have gone through and what I am going through those who do not know do not need to know unless I tell them. I know the scars I have on my legs from tracks I am not afraid to show. At the public pool I wear shorts and swim suits. I know I am above it now it was my past I am in my present and I can not re-write what was written. Life goes on.

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I am the same way i dont regret my scars and i like them alot. It saddens me to see them fade because i just like scars in general and i like remembering things ive made it through. Although people often criticize me for them, ive been slapped because of them before, but i dont care. To me they symbolize that i am a strong person that was able to overcome something like a battle wound.

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