How to take a professional-looking picture of yourself (profile pic) with a point and shoot?

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I'm assuming u mean using one hand and aiming at yourself? Well if that is the case, it depends initially on your camera. Make sure it is steady, and if you can, make sure it's a good camera. The lighting should be flattering (If outside do it in the morning so it's a soft light) Make sure to turn your head a little, so its three quarters showing (I think that's right?) For a slimming effect. Don't wear crazy patterned shirts or stripped, something plain is best for yet again another slimming effect. Make sure to close your eyes for ten seconds before taking the picture so you don't blink and ruin it. Once it is taken, upload it onto your computer. Go to (They are closing soon so premium features are free!)
-Go to contrast and brightness. Set brightness to 5 and contrast to 4. -p--Now go to "effects" scroll down to Ortonish. Set it to fade 90%.
-Now go to HDRish and set to fade 95%
- Now to Vibrance, set it to strength of 5 percent. STRENGTH not fade.
- No go back to basic edits. Go to colors and then to temperature. Turn it down to -7.

To see the results go to frames and before and after frame. :)

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use timer you can set time between 3 to 10 sec and pose before the camera

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Understand your face's shape and color. Understand the difference of what looks good, and not whats cool.

Look in the mirror and practice angles for your face, if you found the right angle, take the camera and put it to eye level and in the same direction your eyes are in the mirror. SO if your eyes are looking slightly to the left, angle your camera slightly to the left(while placing the camera over your eye in the mirror, it's going to look like your blocking your eyes out). once you've perfected that, you can do it anywhere!

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