problems with religion

I am not a christian I dont beleive in the bible but I do beleive in a greater power and when I tell anybody this they tell me that I am nobody and I cant beleive in god if I dont beleive in the bible. is this true I need some help and I cant go to my family because they are christians

Answer #1

Technically you can’t believe in the Christian God if you don’t believe in the bible, because the Christian bible is their god’s “word”

However I am not Christian and I believe in a higher power…I consider myself deist. There are many different ways of viewing “god” and can choose anyone you want.

Answer #2

amblessed. can you prove it is inspired by the word of God? Reading it I’ld say it’s the work of the Devil, if you believe in that BS

& that’s a load of BS There’s countless other Gods that date back before the bible Believe in your own God Screw what the bigots say It’s hazardous to your health to take them too seriously

Answer #3

Who said anything about believing the Christian God?

Answer #4

No it isn’t true.

Just because you don’t believe in the ‘christian version’ of god, doesn’t mean you cannot believe in god or a higher power. There are numerous other versions out there, though you aren’t REQUIRED to follow any particular version.

Nobody can tell you what you can or can’t believe. Those who do (case in point) are only showing weakness in their own beliefs.

Answer #5

“so if you don’t believe anything it says (have Faith in), then yes, you can’t believe in God”

uhm please amblessed, no one is saying God is a liar… just you people who pretend to know what God is apparently saying are liars… there is a huge difference…

and xavier412, please dont listen to their myopic narrow minded point of view… most religions have a higher power, a form of “God”, and since more than half of the world isnt christian, I wouldnt listen too closely to the brainwashed bigots if I were you… you believe in what you want to believe… there’s plenty of people who are spiritual, plenty of other religions that see it the way you do, and who cares if the people who think they know it all are on your case?

Answer #6

HAHAH!! iAm ToTaLlY wItH yOU HeRr! I bElIeVe in about the same thing… I believe that people call this high power…God … he is what people refer to him as but… I do HiGHly dissagree with how they worship him and StUfF. I BELIEVE he is just there. and we shouldnt get to religious over it. F you K RELIGION. anf f you c k everyones opinion… the overall , most important on is yours. and that is all that should realy matter to you! :] ToTaLlY!

Answer #7

The Bible is the inspired, infallible (without error), word of God - so if you don’t believe anything it says (have Faith in), then yes, you can’t believe in God - you are rejecting His Word, in effect, calling Him a liar - Faith comes by hearing, Hear by the Word of God - it really is that simple - either it is or it isn’t, no inbetween / gray area - His Word is true and John 3 : 16 says it ALL…your choice to accept or reject.

Answer #8

it is true! you cant believe in God if you dont believe in the bible! the bible is God’s word! if you dont believe in what he is saying you cannot belive in God! and there is no greater power! there is only one power and that is God’s power

Answer #9

this kind of pick and choose mentality is kind of annoying. I’m not sure why we don’t actually say, this is a load of rubbish, we don’t need this anymore.

Answer #10

I would much rather be around a person that is spiritual than a person that is religious. Believe what you want, there are no rules if you are spiritual. Only religions have rules.

Answer #11

Hahah that’s not true. Many people believe in a higher power. Many don’t believe in the bible since it was written by “imperfect” human beings.

Answer #12

no because its your opinion and you have the freedom to have it so no your somebody

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