Problems with period

I missed my periods the last 3 months. I did 3 pregnancy test and they were negative. Three months ago I did a protected sex,using condom, the day I was supposed to have my period normally. Is this has an effect to my menstruation cycle. Also it was my first time. In addition I am going through a stressful period now with my exams and I lost 3 kilos. My diet has changed a bit. So I would like to know what is the problem and how can I deal with that. Thx

Answer #1

Its either your diet or your stress. Both can contribute to this problem. You should really go see your doc. You dont want something to be going on downstairs that could one day affect your chances of concieving.

Answer #2

Sex will usually change your menstural cycles and funk them up for a bit. Ell was 17 days late her first late. So not having it for three months probably isn’t a horrible problem. The stress is aa problem though, you can be causing your body permanent damage by being stressed out all the time. You’ll have a heart attack when you’re like 35. So I would try to do nonstressful things and not worry so much. Worrying never made anyone do better on a test unless they were drunk. If you have any questions ask, good luck Brian D.

Answer #3

best bet, go to your docs.

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