Can someone help me with problems I'm having trying to download Adobe Flash?

its saying i downloaded it when i try and re download it howeveer when i try to run it it wont let me its saying i cant cos its unrecognised adn its giving me the option to allow adn even tho im clicking allow it wont let me allow!!!

Answer #1

so does the window with the message dissapear after you press allow? if not press the TAB key until a box is over the ALLOW button then press space.

if it disappears that means either windows is messed up and you should restart it or the file you downloaded is corrupt

Answer #2

could also be viruses, cant know without inspecting it….

Answer #3

ermm one sec leme try

Answer #4

okay so it lets me instal it and when i press done, it just disapears and still hasnt downloaed?

Answer #5

Check your programs in control panel and see if it appears there. Also could you download a different version? Maybe the one you’re trying to download is corrupt

Answer #6

i went back to adobe and it says erroe instalation failed ??

Answer #7

what antivirus do you have? And are you able to do a system restore? If not ill make a How to with simple to follow steps :D (arent i nice :P)

Also: press ctrl+alt+del, choose Task Manager, on the bottom is a says CPU. if no programs are opened does it stay at 50-100%?

Answer #8

you are downloading the correct version for your browser, operating system:

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