how can i prevent from getting sick this winter?

Answer #1

All you can really do is make sure you’re eating well and try to avoid sick people. You can’t always help it…it’s a human flaw.

Answer #2

-Don’t let people cough and sneeze all in your face(I had a issuse with that last year,b/c I did’t want people to call me rude,but my dad told me to shut up and suck it up becuase I don’t want to get sick,….and he was right XD) -Drink lots of water,HERBAL Tea(not Black Tea,black tea is that tea they sell at McDonals),and OJ -Eat lots of Veggies,Red Meats and Chicken,and fruits -If you start to feel sick or get a sore throat,THATS the time to take medicine. -exercise!!! Belive it or not but exercise does help your body from getting sick. and thats all I can think of for now. I have a book of home remedies,so when I get a chance i’ll Funmail you some. Hoped this helped :D

Answer #3

Wrap up warm but its kind of a luck thing. Eat well and stay away from sick people!

Answer #4

Eat well, a healthy immune system means that you are less likely to get sick or get sick seriously. Wear a vest or a scarf to keep your chest warm. People start with a cough because of the cold and it can easily turn into bronchitis during the winter if they don’t keep warm enough. Also it keeps your body temperature constant, which means that your body doesn’t have to work overtime to regulate it all the time Drink ginger tea or eat more ginger - it helps boost your immune system and helps prevent colds and flus Also consider a good multivitamin, they help protect you against the illnesses.

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