How do i prevent the pain of medical shots as they are being recieved?

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You could see if the doctor would be willing to put on a numbing cream.

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Some doctors will apply an aenstetic cream to numb the area if you ask them too. If your doctor doesnt have that optionits all mind over matter, if your thinking about the shots or looking at them your going to panic more and feel more. Never watch them give you the shots, look away, gum chewing or a sucker can help your mind distract from it, headphones with music, reading something...anything so your mind is somewhere else.

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look away and close your eyes. i've had a million shots and none of them have been even close to overwhelmingly painful. just think of that sucker that you'll get if you don't cry. what a wuss. numbing cream? give me a f*ing break!

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try not to think about what the nurse is about to do. the last time i had mine done the nurse started talking to me, and i didnt realise that she had done it already. or even take a friend along with you.

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