pretty or not

do you consdier yourself pretty?

Answer #1

no. I think I have a pretty face and I have an hour glass figure, but I’m about 20 lbs thicker than I wanna be.. which im really not liking..

Answer #2

Yeah but I do have my up and down days…Sometimes I feel pretty sometimes I don’t

Answer #3

I’m gorgeous!

It took me along time to have the confidence I have now. Somewhere between growing up, getting used to my own skin, having my child, and finding someone who truly loves me, I learned to love myself and my appearance.

Answer #4


I don’t know…at first I was like, ewww. so I let people manipulate me into their idea of pretty, and then I felt uglier, so I tried to find a middle ground. and then I noticed that people arent born pretty. they feel pretty, and theyr pretty people on the inside (sounds corny as hell, but its true!!) if your happy w/ urself, it will show on the outside. I feel gorgeous now, and other people think I am too. im soo happy now.

sometimes people lie to themselves. if you can stand in front of a mirror with REAL confidence, smile at urself and say, “im beautiful!” than you r.

Answer #5

I don’t think I’m gorgeous, but a girl has to have some self-esteem.

Answer #6

everyone has flaws or something they dont like about themselves. im okay with myself I guess.

Answer #7

I dont think im drop dead are antin but iM Happy with my looks

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Answer #10

not really! do any of you think I am

Answer #11

yep.I mean I am no model or like movie star but I do feel happy with my looks

Answer #12

im alright I guess.

Answer #13


Answer #14

ya, I’m happy with myself

Answer #15

sexci_baby08: why ? your beautiful!

Answer #16

Yes, Im comfortable with my appearance.

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