What are some pretty good mp3/mp4 players?

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I am starting to realize that ipods are just a very expensive version of an mp3 player … and that comes from someone who has worked for Apple for approx 4 years.

Answer #3

I have a SanDisk Sansa Clip and it works great :) Really easy to put music on and you dont need itunes.

Answer #4

Go for the creative Zen MP3 players, i got one and i havent looked back to my ipod in years!

Answer #5

Hi Jessi657, I looked at the creative zen and they seem pretty great! One question perhaps you know, Can you record a song directly from the FM tuner that it has? (I know that there are some mps players that do that)

Answer #6

Hmmm, never seen a mp3 like that, then again i live in australia and we are a little behind in technology

Answer #7

i have had my zune for 4 years and dropped i a million times. its still working. 3657 songs and its still got room.

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