Should I apply for a prepaid credit card?

From many days I’m wondering to apply for a credit card…but there are many cards in the market and I’m confused about which one to own. I need a urgent help…

Answer #1


Prepaid credit cards are used by the holder putting some money onto the card, and then using the funds, which are their own.

It’s good for a few reasons: primarily, you are only spending money you actually have put on the card in advance, so you cannot go into debt.

For people with bad credit or a history of debt, this is helpful, because it allows them to have a credit card, which is necessary in many situations (ie. renting hotel rooms, cars, buying online, etc..).

Answer #2

You won’t get in debt with a prepaid credit card… Credit cards tempt people into spending money they don’t have and the next thing you know you’re up to your eyeballs in debt. Be very carefull if you do get a credit card. I think at your age a prepaid credit card would be the best one.

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