Pregnant & worried

I Have Taken 3 pregnancy test and all three of them where positive I’m I’m pretty sure I’m pregnant! I had no idea that I was pregnant and for the last 3 weeks or so I’ve been snowboarding/falling down (on my stomach) a lot and smoking and drinkin also! I also went to the doctor twice 2 weeks ago to get x-rays and such done which mean I was pregnant the whole time and ik now htats not good! I was just wondering I would like to keep the baby but will it be healthy … I know its very bad that I was doing all of that & I only stoped drinking and snowboarding 2 days ago when I found out what sould I do :( should I keep it… or will the baby have complications

Answer #1

You and the baby will be fine, just start taking care of the both of you. Pre-natal doctor visits are a must. Good Luck!!

Answer #2

Falling down on your stomach will normally not cause damage since the fetus (baby) is not bigger than a pea at one month. You have a lot of padding and protection to keep the baby safe. As for drinking and smoking? Stop them both now, a lot of women/girls smoke and drink till they find out they’re pregnant and the baby has no problems. Start taking prenatal vitamins and folic acid…they are both good for the baby. As for the x-rays? Well, did they put a pad over your belly? If they did then you should be ok from that but make sure you say something to your doctor.

Call your doctor right away, normally they won’t see you till you’re 12 weeks but you still need to get an appointment right away.

Good luck :)

Answer #3

It depends on how far along you are. If your not that far along and you stop doing bad things now, then the baby will be fine. Good Luck!

Answer #4

Well, you should stop smoking, too, because you didn’t mention stopping that! There are medications a doctor can prescribe to you to promote the health of your unborn fetus. Just do your best to be healthy, and eat right, too. Talk to your doctor.

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