pregnant without a popped cherry

Can you get pregnant if your cherry isn’t popped

Answer #1

Yes, anytime sperm is anywhere near your vagina, you run the risk of getting pregnant.

Answer #2

The hymen doesn’t completely cover the cervix, which means sperm can get in, resulting in pregnancy.

Answer #3


Answer #4

The hymen has NOTHING to do with pregnancy. If you had unprotected sex (penis enters your vagina) then you can get pregnant!

Answer #5

yeah. a guy can get sperm on his finger and put his finger in you without poppin it. he could of got sperm on your leg and the sperm can travel up it and into your v… look it up… lol.. its very intresting actually and freaky how they can swim up there lol

Answer #6

yes your hymen is a thin layer of skin that is not attatched all the way around because your period leaks through it and semen can easily get around it so if youve had sex, especially unprotectde sex you can get pregnant do learn more about a male and female reproductive system birth control, contracepttion, pregnancy, sti/stds ect before having sex

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