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Am i pregnant or is this my period?! HELP!

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Please don't judge..iknow its a stupid mistake but would appreciate it if you gave me helpful advice because thats what i really need right now. I dunno if i'm pregnant or if this is just my late messed up period. Thing is that i got my period 2x in december..but then i joined a dance team in january where workouts are strenuous 3-4hours 5x a week and i got stressed a lot too that time which is the reason why i missed my calendars prediction of gettin my period on the 15th.. But last sunday..i had unprotected sex but he said he pulled out but idunno if hes reliable bc he was drunk too so i got scared and took a morning after pill "Nordette"(in the Philippines) and supposedly my frend said that to show its effective ur supposed to get ur period exactly 7 days after. However ive been spotting since da day after intercourse. Is this my late period or is this due to that its only my second time having sex and its still bleeding from hymen or is this implantation bleeding??? How do i tell when im really pregnant?signs?