Can you get pregnant by having sex while on your period?

I had sex on my period and it was toward the end of my period... I'm not on the pill yet (went to the doctor, will be on it soon). Well my boyfriend and me had unprotected sex. He doesn't like wearing condoms bc he goes soft right away so I didn't make him wear one this time since it was during my period. I know he doesn't have any STDs because we both went and got tested together to make sure we didn' I'm not worried about STDs... but is there a chance that I could have gotten pregnant while I was on my period? and I know I need to be more careful when it comes to having unprotected sex. Thanks for all your help... xoxo aj

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you have a bigger chance then when you arent on your period.
I agree with the comment before me.
you can even go to the store to get a pregnency test.

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Dear ajgirl,
Anytime you have unprotected sex you risk getting pregnant. If your boyfriend has a problem with condoms then you wear both are more concerned about his performance than bringing a child into this world when you are not ready. Please have the doctor do a pregnancy test before starting on birh control pills. They can be harmful to a fetus if you take them when you are pregnant. Lets all hope that this mistake doesn't turn out to be something you'll regret but a life's lesson.
Sue...good luck

Whats the percentage of getting pregnant from sex on your period?

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