Chances of getting pregnant if he pulls out but cums on vulva?

What are the chances of getting pregnant if he pulls out but still cums on your vulva???

Answer #1

Let’s just call it 50/50. That basically means, if you are stupid to rely on this form of contraception, you might get pregnant, and you might not.

Answer #2

The 19% is based on a study by the FDA in 1997 of all contraception methods. This falls under the withdrawal method and 19% is the highest (typical use with human error) over the period of one year… The figure is actually a mere 4% if the method is used correctly all the time.

The chance of getting pregnant with a female condom is actually slightly higher.

Here is my source.

Answer #3

The chance of becomng pregnant from this method – 19%

Answer #4

Can I get preagnt if the lad cums on my vigana thanks x

Answer #5

if a guy puts on a condom before he has sex then pulls out before he cums can you still get pregnant

Answer #6

Its not super high, but its not low either. Hello! The pulling out method really doesn’t do much for you, and if you don’t know that then you shouldn’t be having sex. You need to learn about pre-cum and all that stuff. Educate yourself before you get yourself knocked up. Not only could you be pregnant, but you could have an STD. Go to your doctor, get a pregnancy test, get STD tested. If the pregnancy test shows up negative, you need to get put on birth control,go to the store… buy some condoms, and then maybe you’ll be ready to have sex as an ADULT.

Answer #7

Pre cum can come out at anytime during sex and contains at least 3 sperm. So pulling out isn’t protecting you from anything, pregnancy, std’s…they’re all still possible with the “pulling out” method. And honestly, the only person to have to ask this question, is a person that isn’t mature enough to have sex.

Answer #8

for the record…its more than 19% unless you man is highly trained in this sort of thing then its very likely sperm is in pre-cum, which probably got in you also no condoms+poossible std the pullout method is one of the worst to use as a form of birth control if its been less than 3 days since you had sex, get the moring after pill if more, its a blood or pregnancy test next time do a little research and get clued up about what your getting into

Answer #9

well unless the condom ripes, but other than that your safe

Answer #10

Anytime ejaculate gets on or near the vulva you risk pregnancy and stds/stis. Your vulva gets pretty moist in the heat of passion, so it doesn’t take much for sperm to get where it needs to go, let alone if his precum contained sperm. It’s true that the pull out method decreases your chance of pregnancy but it is in no way an effective method.

You need to bite the bullet, go to the doc and get a reliable form of birth control to prevent pregnancy.

xox Sika

Answer #11

I read everyone’s answers to this question, and I agree so, see your doctor. It would be better to take a class on how the body works during sex. You don’t seem to understand that so, have someone like an adult explain that to you. I don’t want to hurt your feelings or anything, but, those health classes would be better to ask this particular question too. Usually, you take those classes when you’re in fifth grade at least that’s when I took them. To be honest with you, I’ve never experienced that method before but, I have knoledge of what it is. So, seek help for this. Oh! by the way, I’m 23.

Answer #12

Sperm on the body but outside the vagina can last for 10minutes I think and 24hours inside the vagina…so it’s possible but not likely but then there is also pre-cum which gives about a 5% chance of pregnancy. But you could have an STI. Go down to the doctors, get the morning after pill (assuming its within 72hours of the sex and you don’t want to be pregnant) and get checked out for STI’s.

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