How long does it take for the egg to implant into the uterous?

My husband and I are trying to have a baby. I was my period was 5 days late then I got it..well I think I got it, it was just medium flow but it only last for two days, and I normal have my period for 5-6 days and now I been just having so brown spotting for the last couple of days, and feel sick to my stomach pretty much all day. But I don't know if that is a sign for of being pregnant. I am just confused on how my period started...and help?

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Sounds like it wasn't a period but, implantation bleeding which lasts for a few days usually and can be very light-moderate flow. Especially as you have an early pregnancy symptom of feeling sick.
You can take home pregnancy tests 2weeks after conception which gives around a 90% accurate result and positive results are almost definately correct! Or you could go to the doctors 1week after conception and get a blood test done which also gives more accurate results.
Hope this helps and good luck! x

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It may not have been your period, it could have been implantation bleeding...which happens when the egg implants itself into your uterous.
Yes you could be pregnant...
Take a test in a week!
best of luck...Im trying to concieve aswell, I have been trying for 3 months.
Im hoping this time I am.

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