Can you take a pregnancy test while you're sick with the flu?

Just curiousity can a woman take a pregnancy test while having the flu and get a fair result or can the flu mess up the results and say negative when it's positive or vice versa ??

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It depends on what the box says....however, since those tests are only 99% ish accurate, and a blood test is 100% accurate....well, if you want accuracy (which is what I'd want in that situation) I'd visit a doctor.

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Yes, having the flu doesnt affect the hormone that the test is reading for to determine if your pregnant or not.

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Yes. A pregnancy test measures for the hormone HCG, which the body produces during pregnancy. The levels of this become higher the longer you have been pregnant, so this is why tests aren't effective early on, as you don't have enough hormone to be picked up by the test. You should always test first think in the morning, because the concentration of HCG in your urine will be higher at that time.

Having the flu won't affect a pregnancy test at all as it has nothing to do with these hormones and you will still get the correct result. The only reason for a false negative would be, as explained above, the hormone not being strong enough to be picked up by the test (or, of course, if the test is faulty). You can't get a false positive, so there is no danger of that :)

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why not?

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Yes you can

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I thought I had the 'flu' which turned out to be morning sickness.
However, you can take a pregnancy test up to 5 days after you have missed your period. Being sick with not affect the levels of hcG for a pregnancy test. Take a test.

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