Pregnancy sypmtoms?

I don’t think I’m pregnant but my boyfriend I’m asking yalls opinion. Well I had my period. But it wasn’t only lasted like 3 days and it was early and it was really really light. Which is not normal for me. But like a few days later my stomach got really sharp random pains even if I was just sitting at school. Now for the past 3 days it’s felt like someone blew up a balloon in my stomach or something. And also I went from only eating dinner to eating like 5 meals a day. And I’ve been constipated. And I’m always tired. And my boobs are a little bigger. And I don’t know. What do yall think?

Answer #1

I think you should take a test instead of relying on symptoms found online. There are some pretty obvious symptoms of pregnancy, but they could also mean various other things. Put your mind at rest and take a test!

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