Pregnancy in old age

I am a 50 years old married woman.Strangely and interestingly,I conceived pregnancy.I am now in my fifth month. This is my first pregnancy. I need adequate guidance and advice.

Answer #1

I finally got pregnant at 37 and by medical standards thats considered old when bearing children. I was very concerned about the pregnancy as I was closer to 40 than 20. Thankfully I have great medical care, and they took care of me well. On the other hand I had to go through more test than someone younger than me, which wasn’t fun. They test you for abnormalities, especially Downs Syndrome, but that can happen to anyone. I was pretty healthy to start, so I didn’t have many pregnancy related issues. I had my baby 8 months ago and would love to have another before I’m 40, just because pregnancy can be hard on the body the older you are. I would get good prenantal care if I were you, it truely is the best chance at having a healthy baby, also drink lots of water, I can’t stress that enough, good luck to you and your little bean!

Answer #2

You do have medical care right? That is the main thing that you can do for you and your baby. As for advice the only thing I can say is to take it easy and try not to stress out too much. See your doctor regularly, stay away from shellfish and limit tuna, eat healthy and try to exercise (in moderation of course) and enjoy being pregnant…there’s nothing better than knowing that your body is making a baby.

Good luck

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