How long does the birth control control shot take to work?

I'm not sure if I can be pregnant. I just got the birth control shot and the nurse told me to wait a week before I have sex, that way I could be sure it's fully effective. But how long does it really take for it to work? I only waited 3 days.. I'm scared.

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it works right away I was on my period when I got it and it was on my heviest flow day and by the end of the day my period was gone my nerse said it worked right away because it goes straitght into your blood

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I wouldnt sweat it...

I mean...the PILL takes about a month to fully take 99.9% effect...and the shot is probably a lot quicker...

just be a little more cautious for a while...maybe a month or so..just to be on the safe side

I mean...what is more important? having a kid or being safe for a month? loll

hope this helped :)

how/ when does birth control start working?

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