Do you prefer hockey or football?


Answer #1

Hockey…call it a Canadian thing ;)

Answer #2

Can I choose none? I don’t watch sports.

Answer #3

depends i love to watch football but hockey is just as sweet :)

Answer #4

Fußball…proper football, not the American version :)

Answer #5


Answer #6

Football [ proper football - not the Grid-Iron stuff ]

– Majikthise.

Answer #7

Yay - cool - you just beat me to it !

Answer #8

I’m not too big on sports, but if I gotta watch one than definitely hockey

Answer #9


Answer #10

Football. Not grid-Iron where they wear those huge pads, real football where they aren’t afraid to get hurt.

Answer #11

I think most of us prefer FOOTBALL because everysingle person on this planet earth knows it but hockey doesn’t exist in some countries …

Answer #12

Yeah that’s fine. haha

Answer #13

hockey :D

Answer #14

Or maybe volleyball : )

Answer #15

womens rugby

Answer #16

In the mud with tight crop-top shirts and little white…..

excuse me I’ve just got to see to something

Answer #17

foootball(not thatt i play) but i like watching like at our hs and stuff.

Answer #18


Answer #19

Yes, Beach Volleyball …..

Answer #20


Answer #21

HO-HO-HOCKEY!!!!!!!!!! GO DUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer #22

Hockey exists throughout the world, in a large number of countries…

Answer #23

football and i mean real American style smash mouth fun excited football. but i love hockey so either choice is good :)

Answer #24

I’m a Canadian girl so Hockey for sure. Go Flyers!

Answer #25

I like football more than hockey. I just can’t see the hockey ball when I see the match. It is just like they are making noise with hockey stick.

Answer #26

i would say hockey because i can actually follow it ;3

Answer #27


Answer #28


Answer #29

Hahaha that is true too lol I pretty much play or watch anything but over all volleyball kicks butt :D

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