Do you prefer heels, or flats?

I prefer heels because I am so short. I am only 4’7”, so I could use the extra inches. lol. They do hurt, and are not comfortable in the slightest…but in my opinion, they look better than flats. Even with jeans.

Answer #1

i prefer both it depend on the clothes i usually wear heels with formal clothes …flats for mall or hanging out but yeah i prefer flats more.

Answer #2


Answer #3

HEELS! Of course! Or converts :)

Answer #4

I usually wear heels daily. They make you appear taller, make your legs look longer, and i always feel sexier when i have a pair of heels on. Ive had to switch to flats recently due to the prenancy though, my heels were making my feet swell. :( Ill be back in them in a few months though!

Answer #5

depends on who i am hanging out with, if it’s girls then usually flats, boys definetly heels (they all make me feel so small!!!!)

Answer #6

Heels look a lot better and you do get heals that feel like you aren’t even wearing heels, you just have to try different brands. HOWEVER I wear flats mainly, because I walk a few kilometres (literally) a day to class and back carrying things and well it’s a lot easier and healthier for your feet.

Answer #7

*heels. Sorry for the spelling error.

Answer #8

Considering I can’t walk in heels because I have never had any…. FLATS! :D

Answer #9

I can’t walk in flats :’( sometimes I’d love to but I’ve always walked in heels so my feet are like, moulded to the shape. Now all I can wear is heels.

Answer #10

Flats, because heels are really bad on one’s back. And did you know that guys don’t even notice if you’re wearing them? There’s an article on if you’re interested in searching for it.

Anyway, I just never have cared for heels though…unless I have to dress up for something really important, then yes, I suffer through wearing them!

Answer #11

flats, im not a heels kinda person, but theyre okay for when you dress up

Answer #12

Both. I am terrible at walking in heels outside, so if I have to walk for a long time to get somewhere (which I usually do, I walk everywhere) I prefer to wear flats. I also have some flats which are horrendously uncomfortable though, because they dont have much support, and your feet have to work really hard to keep your feet in them. I would rather wear heels than those type of flats!

Answer #13

Both, but heels are so painful. theyre easy to walk in, i dont see how people trip and fall unless theyre on bumpy grounds. but they just hurt if ur in them for a long time

Answer #14

HEALS!!!! Their Sexy

Answer #15

HEELS!!! I’m totally a heels gir :) hehe

Answer #16

Flats because heels can give you Bunions which is a bony growth on the side of your foot on the joint at the base of the big toe. It forces the big toe to angle in towards the other toes. Heels can also mess up your back, if you don’t know how to walk in them properly.

Answer #17

Heels but flats are cute too!

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