What do you prefer: giving or receiving?

Answer #1

lol when it comes to gift giving i guess..

Answer #2

Giveing cuz I love to c others happy, I don’t receive to well

Answer #3

Giving. I like to make other people happy, and Im terrible at receiving gifts! lol. I never know how to react

Answer #4

I agree

Answer #5

Giving! I love shopping and buying things for people! And I get really uncomfortable when people buy me things :|

Answer #6

Definitely giving! Its a real joy to make people happy! : )

Answer #7

def giving i like seeing ppl smile, and to make them happy…

Answer #8

do we not get points for asking questions anymore?

Answer #9

Giving - getting is also fun, but its so nice to choose something especially for someone you care about, and watch them open it!

Answer #10

i like to give because i like to see the look on someones face when they get something they really wanted

Answer #11

I love giving, and of course I like to recieve things just like anyone would……. but It makes me happy to c other people happy, so deffinatly giving!!

Answer #12

yeah me to…

Answer #13

giving,, its more satisfying,, when receiving i feel i owe them,,

Answer #14

honestly this going to sound really perverted but my first thought was oral sex when i read it. I love to give (as in gifts and favors haha) theres something about being appreciated and praised that feels good and to be able to make someone happy and smile is the best feeling.

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