Who can get a pre-paid card?

do you have to be over age to get one of those prepaid cards at wal mart & can you use it online to buy stuff like lets say off amazon??

Answer #1

Nope you can be any age :) my 13 year old sister has one

Answer #2

well you can use prepaid credit cards to buy stuff online from amazon,ebay,and walmart to. but its safe to transfer the prepaid credit card to a paypal account more safe shopping.

theres no age limit to prepaid credit cards theyre prepaid you just buy the card for what price it is and go shopping.

prepaid cards can be 100,200,5,10,50 dollars

if you ship with UPS i think you need to show them identification so they can know its your package.

have fun shopping

Answer #3

as far as i know u dont have to be over 18,my friend emy has one and shes only 15,and yes u can get stuff with it on amazon she uses it mainly for that and ebay:D:D:D

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