What are good ways to potty train my son?

What are some good ways to potty train my two year old son? We started off so good, but now he has lost interest in it and he won’t go any more.

Answer #1

ok SO this sounds dumb but it worked for my cousin && 2 boys I babysat…put a few cheerios or fruit loops in hte toilet and tell them to aim for them…they think it is fun and it really makes them want to use the potty…lame yes effective very…hope it works good luck

Answer #2

I have no idea who would agree with me, but this is what I did. I had my wife take 1 week vacation from work.

then we pulled the diper off my son, and had him just wear underwear. he had a gazillion accidents of course. but by the 4th day he was asking to go or telling us he was about to go… by the weekend, he was using the potty regularly, and had minimal accidents, we still used pull ups at night, but by the 2nd week, no diapers.

its dirty. and messy, and irritating.. but 1 week is not bad at all.

Answer #3

well I have jsut had parenting class and it takes longer to train boys but here are some tips!

  1. ok take him to wal mart and let him pick out his own special underwear. 2.buy him special hand soap like kandoo 3.get a poster and tape to bathroom wall and get him a bunch of stickers and tell him everytime he uses the potty he gets to put a sticker on the poster and when its full of stickers take him to wal mart or somewere to buy a toy! 4.Most importantly encourage him! go with him at first and when he gets used to it he will want some privacy.

same things go for girls except if they still cant get out of the diaper try putting on normal underwear and let them run free and once they wet theirself they will feel how nasty and uncomfortable it is and start using the potty. Hope this helps!

Answer #4

Boys are always slower then girls you should try when he closer to 3 they have a better under standing thats when I started my son but it is a very long process it can also be a control thing their only two thing that a baby can control in when the use the bathroom and when they eat just wait

Answer #5

my mom used to give me marshmallows when I did it o.O

Answer #6

My nephew gets a Skittle every time he uses his potty.

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