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Possibly pregnant (please help)?

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Hi girls, (and well guys too) this has been really racking my brain the past week, over whether or not I may be pregnant. I suppose details would be best, so.. here I go.

*Between January 1st and January 6th I had sexual intercourse with a guy, I am seeing. *We had sex about 4-5 times total in this time frame. *Each time was unprotected, meaning no condom, and I am not on the pill. *He did not ejaculate inside of me.. at least I'm pretty sure. (I never asked) See, we would do some foreplay then suddenly he'd be on top of me, and well, we would be engaging in sexual intercourse. This only lasted a minute- to a couple minutes at the most- then he would stop, and we would just cuddle again etc. (I'm pretty sure he never ejaculated, didn't seem to anyways.. and I never felt anything etc.. which I'm sure you can't when they do anyways but just saying. Also I know there is such thing as precum so.) *I did receive my "monthly friend" about a week later (round the 15th) *It was not very heavy, nor really light either, though.. but it did last the normal 5-6 days (there was a few clots) sorry tmi!! But please hear me out, this is important to me. (And well this is just a part of life, right? lol) *I do have pcos, but have recently lost a bunch of weight. (70-80 lbs) I always use to have irregular periods, but since I've lost that weight, they come on their own as they should. (just throwing this out there, idk if it makes any difference) -Now this is how I have been feeling the past few days. *dizzy (pretty dizzy.. off balance etc. Started a few days ago) *headaches (not severe, but they're there. Also, started a few days ago) *fatigued (SO tired.. can sleep the day away. Started about a week or little less ago) *Sore breasts (now this just started yesterday.. just noticed now, they kinda tingle?) *Some light cramping (this just started a day, or two ago) *Mood swings (I'm happy, then next thing I know I'm crying lol. Started a few days ago) *Bloated (bleh.. feel so bloated as if my period is here) *Hungry (I feel like I've been eating more these past few days, my stomach even growls for more.. wtheck!?) *Mild Nausea (Very slight, obviously I still have an appetite, but I do get a hint of nauseousness. This actually just started about a day ago) *Backaches (just some light back aches past couple days or so) *Stomach Gurgling? (My stomach has been making a gurgling noise lol idk?)

I went to the Dr. on Monday, they did a blood test for mono- was negative. They also did a urine test for pregnancy. That was also negative, but I'm not sure if it would've been too soon to actually give a positive reading. (Also, these "symptoms" I am experiencing, hence my concerns etc.) The doctor, to be honest, didn't seem too interested in the pregnancy thing, or my dizziness at all. He just checked my ears, and did a balance test. Checked my blood pressure, and that was basically it. He kinda just said, "Well it may be a virus, wait a week, and see if it runs its course, and goes away". When I mentioned the pregnancy thing, he said "Oh is that a concern?" I said, "Yes". He didn't ask me any more questions, just ran those two tests, and said what he did about the, "Oh maybe it's something viral, wait and see". Oh and also, my urine was a little concentrated, so he said to just drink more water/fluids.

My main question here is, well, how far along would I be if I actually were pregnant? And, would it be too early to detect in a pregnancy test? (like the urine one I took, I know that one takes a little longer to detect the pregnancy hormone than blood) Ooh, and do you think I could still become pregnant, though my partner did not ( at least I don't believe so) ejaculate, inside of me? (He did not ejaculate when he pulled out either) I've looked this stuff up but it's a little confusing lol.. with the whole ovulation, fertilization, conception, and the number of days it takes for the egg to implant itself into the uterus, thus it begins producing the pregnancy hormone (being the only way you can get a positive reading, is if there is enough of the hcg hormone [the pregnancy hormone] in the blood/urine) etc. etc... Ahh! Lol please help me out here, would be greatly appreciated.