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could it even possibly be?

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My period was suppose to start on jan.9th or 8th. My last period was from dec.9th to the 16th. I spotted from jan.5th till yesterday night jan.11. Today i am not spotting at all. I have not picked up to a heavy or even a usual period flow. So if i didnt get my actual period then i would be 4 days late with spotting for 7. Is it possible for implantation to have lasted that long with me since my last period was 8 days long?. I should have ovulated aroung dec. 24th to the 26th im not quite sure which date tho. And i did have sex around that time protected but the condom was left inside of me and had to be pulled out after sex. I have taken 2 test but both were neg. Could it have been to early? I am planning on testing again tomorrow. Would 2 days after the spotting stopped be to early to test? Should i just call this a very unnormal and light period? I had cramps for only one day and since then have only had this pinching type feeling in my lower abdomen mostly on the right side. Any input or information would be great. Thanks.