How do you pose sexily for pictures?

Answer #1

Head up, butt out, legs straight, back bent, serious eyes, kissy face. Thats how i do it.

Answer #2

. I usually find the chicks are already drooling whatever pose I adopt. . However, if you need some guidance, I suggest you mimic some Japanese “anime” cartoons - those oriental artists know all the tricks in the book. . .

Answer #3

Your 14 …sexy pics aint legal ,is it?…it shouldn’t be…is this site for pedos or what?..seems like anything goes here….I really cannot see any good in you taken such pics of yourself,who are they for?is more worrying.

Answer #4

I mean like clothed pictures. The ones all the girls post on fb of themselves.

Answer #5

“All the girls”?? I don’t do that. Probably because I’m not a try hard. :)

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Answer #7

Speaking as a guy: I find that nice clothes, hair brushed or styled well, a nice friendly smile,and - very often forgotten - a nice background. The one of you in the water is fine; maybe a bit more smile needed tho’.

Do not try for ‘sexy’ so much as just go for happy, friendly and classy. That will always work. And it will be one that would be okay if your parents or teacher were to see it.

Take care, and Good Luck!!

Answer #8

-Fix your hair, get more volume into it, try to get a nice sexy wavy out of bed look -Apply your favorite lipstick (Red is hot) -Glare sexily at the camera but DON’T overdo it or else you’ll end up looking like this O.O -NEVER take a picture with the camera directly facing your face it’ll look weird, try taking it from a slight angle :)

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