can dogs eat pork bones?

can dogs eat pork bones?

Answer #1

not raw

Answer #2

I think there a bit like chicken bones so they might splinter and cause big problems :/ my dog ate a chicken bone and we had to take him to the vet cus he was bleeding like mad :S

Answer #3

No…pork bones break and splinter and can cause perforations in the dog’s digestive system.

Answer #4

Not after they’ve been cooked…dogs can handle most any bone raw.


Answer #5

Can Dogs eat Pork bones that have been boiled

Answer #6

You should not feed your dog bones. Raw pork bones can carry e. coli, as can any raw meat or bone. Cooked bones are very dangerous to dogs, they can splinter. Just stick to dog food and if you must go for pork treats, there are chews made from cured pork skin. If you go for a bone, it should be raw and frozen or partially frozen, that slows the dog down from eating too quickly and gulping the food.

Answer #7

The millions of people who feed the BARF diet, include raw chicken, raw beef, raw organ meat, and raw bones from all the above…I feed my dog a raw marrow bone everyday…I’ve heard of dogs dying from cheap kibble with chinese imported products…and have yet to hear about a dog even getting sick from the raw diets.


Answer #8

I side with the raw bone opinion. There danger of bones splintering comes after they are cooked.

Dogs are true carnivores. A little E Coli won’t hurt them. Dogs in the wild eat rancid meat that would kill a human.

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