How to become popular?

how do you become popular?

Answer #1

yah listen to what you are saying…like people think that the jocks or w/e are the “cool” or “popular” people…but if you look around at all your friends at the lunch table or w/e…you guys ARE the cool people…unless you do drugs…drugs are stupid

Answer #2

Truthfully, I don’t believe so much in popularity. Be yourself and eventually friends come. And to me just having all my friends is good enough. I would never exchange just a normal friendship for popularity.

Answer #3

u can find a common ground between you and a popular girl or guy who is nice. once you find out wut you have in common w. them, try 2 get them talkin about it. if it’s a sport that they play, join the team, they will warm up 2 you and introduce you 2 the group.

as long as you r not like the school outcast or the school loser and you have friends who care for u, you r popular, but I’ve always wanted 2 know how 2 become popular, them I turned on my tv, lol=D

Answer #4

who said you want to be “popular” … ~_~

Answer #5

hu cares if you are popular just be yourself and make friends and stuff like that

Answer #6

hang out with popular kids, and get it so they hang out with you

Answer #7

I agree with tinkpixi18.

Answer #8

be yourself.

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