Can the police stop you if your muffler is loud?

Answer #1

Well, it depends on the city by-laws, but if it is excessively loud, then yes, they can.

Answer #2

It depends. If it is extremely loud and causing a disturbance, for example at night in a neighborhood while people are sleeping, you can get stopped and given a ticket for disturbing the peace. It would have to be extremely loud though.

Answer #3

Oh I see, Thx

Answer #4

Hell no! Why would they?? It should be no problem. It’s not affecting how you drive.

Answer #5

But maybe its like mandyloo said, it can disturb people at night and then that would be a reason to stop someone no?

Answer #6

That’s true. But come on a muffler would never be loud enough to a point where some one needs to call the cops.

Answer #7

yes they can if its loud

Answer #8

Yes it can - if it passes a certain decibel level, it needs to be repaired

Answer #9

it has to be extremly loud and they can be built like that, my husbands is very loud but i like it like that, he hasn’t been pulled over.

Answer #10

yes, as mandyloo said, if its too loud they can stop you, they can also safely assume youve got other modifications on your car and will take a look to make sure none are illegal

Answer #11

Yes, they can.

Answer #12

If it passes a certain level of noise, you can get a ticket for a noise disturbance - at least in my area.

Answer #13

here yes. but they only seem to target hot rods or rice rockets… anything with modified exhaust could be suspect by police as lots of loud cars, add or subtract to their exhaust making it an environmental issue really, they could site you for noise violation like they do for harleys but really you just have to be in the wrong place at the wrong time… Id assume they dont really bother the odd person that cant afford to fix their car.. thou they should in my book….

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