How to get mewtwo in pokemon pearl?

How do I get mew or mwe 2 in pokemon pearl

Answer #1

1/ beat the poke league 2/ fix celio’s network machine 3/ go to cevaleah cave 4/ you’ll find him there 5/ use a master ball

that’s in “Fire Red” and in “Leaf Green” but you can’t get it in Pokemon Pearl, it’s impossible.

Answer #2

I dont think you can I know you can get mew on gameboy in the yellow version, because I have him! and mewtwo is only found in the caves so you need to get them from there and then trade them up to your current game thats the only way I know

Answer #3

actually to get mewtwo unlock pal park by finishing the pokedex and then use the above advise to catch mew then put fire red/leaf green in your gba slot then import mewtwo along with five others to you ds then go to pal park and viola you have it on pearl!

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